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Translate English into Ukrainian
This feature is not complicated, take for example.
If set to "Background tab for new tab", then when you click "History", it is opened in current tab, when you click "Forum", it is opened in a new background tab.(originally intended to be a new foreground tab).
This behavior is different from "New background tab", which uses a new background tab for "History".
Оновив Українську мову.
Спасибі за ваші оновлення.
Вибачте за затримку Української мови, щось з моїм комп'ютером чи Radialix, Radialix ні в яку, весь час відкриває крякозябри замість кирилиці.
Може підкажете аналог Radialix ?
Я не знаком с Radialix.Пожалуйста, будьте терпеливы, позже буду перебирать струны и выложить сюда.
Some new strings need to translate, thank you.
Content within [ ] is explanation, no need to translate.

Generate QR code

Open IE

Open this page with IE

Skip warning about certificate error

Add identification string to UserAgent

Show when mouse over location bar

Show when mouse over toolbar

Hold down right button and click left button

Hold down right button and click middle button

Hold down right button and wheel up

Hold down right button and wheel down

Enable always on top

Disable always on top

Show avatar button

Show skin button

Show bookmarks panel

Tab shape:


Reset current

Reset all

Allow to run outdated plugins

Add page to this folder

Show tip for playing video in popup window

Not allow duplicate bookmarks in the same folder

Restart browser

Use custom background color for web pages

Switch to last visited tab

Play this video in a popup window

Enlarge this video to entire web page area

Download this video with online tools 

Navigate to settings page

Close the tip window for current tab

Custom stylesheet

Load custom stylesheet

Select cache data directory

Select custom stylesheet file

Fast save image

Select default directory for fast save image

Enable fast save image(Alt+LeftClick for saving to default location, Alt+RightClick for selecting default location)


Simulate Boss Key

You don't have permission to write in this directory.


Clear used directories

File link:

File name:

Save to:

Download with IDM

Download all links with IDM

Default downloader:


Save as

Downloader error

Failed to launch IDM, please check the installation or change default downloader.

Use single extension process

Suggestions and Feedback

Show default search engines only in context menu

New tab page[The section title of new tab page related options]

Show search box in new tab page

Number of thumbnail rows:[how many rows are the most visited page thumbnails]

Number of thumbnail columns:

Image saved

Open directory

Use web page title as image name[for "fast save image"]

Startup command line:[command lines that will append to the browser on startup]

Enable/Disable always on top

New tab button image:[select a custom image for the new tab button]

New tab position[where to place the newly opened tab, following three are its valid options]

Next to current tab

Next to current tab group

At end of all tabs

Super Drag[The section title of super drag options]

Show tip for super drag[show a tip window for super drag operation]

Open/Search in new foreground tab

Open/Search in new background tab

Add this link to bookmarks

Download this link

Change search settings[change setting of search engines]

Show search bar[show the search bar at right of the address bar]

Enable IE core[this option controls whether you want to enable the Internet Explorer core or not]

Auto switch to IE core by domain

Domain list for IE core[domains that use IE automatically]

Switch to IE core

Switch to Chrome core

Show download button[the button to show a popup bubble]

Stop and mark as finished[Stop file downloading and force it to be a complete file, this is useful when downloading a stream video]

Show QR button in location bar[show the "Generate QR code" button at end of address bar]

Open in new incognito tab

Currently opened tabs[new tab speed dial: select URL from opened tabs]

Add new dial[new tab speed dial: create an new item]

Edit this dial[new tab speed dial: edit an item]

Remove this dial[new tab speed dial: remove an item]

Pin this dial[new tab speed dial: prevent an dial item from being deleted accidentally]

Unpin this dial

Image URL:[new tab speed dial: a label of the item editing dialog]

Open selected items[open multiple history entries at one time in chrome://history page]

Remember last used folder[whether to remember the last used location after added a bookmark entry]

Show only icons on bookmarks bar

Excluded domains:[may using in multiple scenario, please translate word by word]

Disable HTML5 AudioContext

Save page as image

Copy title and URL

Copy text and URL

Download list[downloading task list]

Use temporary directory for "Save&Open" items[save downloaded file to temporary directory when clicking "Save&open button"]

Enable accelerators

Check for update

Use current user's credentials to encrypt passwords and cookies[Use credentials of currently logged on Windows user to encrypt saved passwords and cookies]

On left side[position of tabs indicator button, for scrollable tab bar]

On right side[position of tabs indicator button, for scrollable tab bar]

On both sides[position of tabs indicator button, for scrollable tab bar]

Mute/Unmute current tab

Updater already running.[Strings for "check update" feature start from this line]




Open folder


Current browser version is 

Current flash version is 

Connecting server...

Found new browser version, starting download...

5% downloaded.

Browser installer downloaded, install now?

Your browser is already the latest version.

New browser version installed.

New browser version installed, please restart the browser.

Browser update failed, error code is 100

Checking flash player...

Found new flash player, starting download...

New flash player downloaded, install now?

Flash player is already the latest version.

New flash player installed.

New flash player installed, you may need to restart the browser.

Flash player update failed, error code is 100.

Add new download

Disable this extension

Export this folder to HTML file...[export a single bookmarks folder]

Move browser window to next monitor[move window to another monitor in dual monitor mode]

Show mute toggle button[show "toggle browser mute state" button on toolbar]

Set as new tab page[set the URL of current tab as customized new tab page]

Mute/Unmute current process

Confirm setting new tab[confirm changing new tab page URL]

Are you sure to change new tab page to:

Toggle browser mute state[toggle the mute state of current process]

Use tab list menu to manage tabs["tab list menu" is the menu shown by the triangle tab indicator button at right side of tab bar]

Left click to select tab.

Middle click to unload tab.

Right click to close tab.

Show tab list menu
Оновлення української мови!
Якщо є неточності в перекладі, будь ласка, повідомте.
Ukrainian language update

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Thank you, oster.ok.
We should add your translation in the next release.
Happy New Year. Some new strings need to translate, thank you.
Content within [ ] is explanation, please don't include.

Mute all browsers when boss key pressed

Remember position of video popup window[always show popuped video window at the same position]

Most popular

Show most visited[show thumbnails of most visited websites in new tab page]

Pinned tabs can only be closed by context menu

Can be empty.

Download again[re-download a task]

Open popup window in tab[When the website wants to open a popup window, we open a new tab instead]

Ignore system DPI setting[Stick to 100% device scale, prevent UI zooming]
Done. Shy

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