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Translate English into Ukrainian
Please help us translate these English strings into Ukrainian.Thanks.

New incognito tab

New multilogin tab

Save as PDF...

Save as image...

New incognito tab

Tab options

Show restore closed tabs button

Show bookmarks button

Show add to bookmarks button

Restore closed tabs

Restore Button

Show and manage bookmarks

Bookmarks Button

Setting Saved

Setting Failed

Close tabs to the left

Close all tabs

Send to mobile

Reload all tabs

Close tab by double click

Open new tab after current tab

Open typed URL in 

Show advertising in new tab

Hide close button on tab

Minimum tab width(px): 

Show indicator button for invisible tabs

Use custom new tab page

Close tab by right click

Display bookmarks in multiple columns. Column width(px): 

Display embedded bookmarks in new tab when bookmarks bar is hidden

Set bookmarks bar state

Always  show

Always  hide


Show when mouse over address bar and hide when mouse over content area

Show bookmarks bar

Hide bookmarks bar

Auto hide bookmarks bar

Open bookmarks in

Open hyperlink in

Open search result in

Open super drag in

Current tab

New foreground tab

New background tab

Default disposition

Background tab for new tab

Does not force hyperlinks to be opened in new tab

Clear the list

Enable super drag

Enable mouse gesture

Show mouse gesture trace

line weight

line color


Show mouse gesture tip

Action definition

Switch tabs by scrolling with the mouse wheel in the tab bar

Auto update

Enable auto update of Cent Browser

Enable auto update of bundled Flash Player


Go to page top

Go to page bottom

Page Up

Page Down

Activate the previous tab

Activate the next tab

Navigate back

Navigate forward

Restore closed tab

New tab

Duplicate current tab

Close current tab

Close all tabs

Close all tabs but this

Close current tab and activate the left one

Close current tab and activate the right one

Close current tab and activate last visited

Close current tab and activate opener tab

Close tabs to left

Close tabs to right


Stop loading current page

Close browser



Zoom in

Zoom out

Zoom reset

Bookmark the current page

Open homepage

Toggle full screen

Open bookmark manager

Manage extensions

View history

View downloads

Open options

Simulate Left key

Simulate Right key

User data directory

Use custom user data directory

Cache directory

Use custom directory

Boss key

Enable boss key

Memory optimization

Use single renderer process

Purge memory at intervals of(minutes): 

Warn me when closing window with multiple tabs

You are about to close 2 tabs.Are you sure you want to continue?

Confirm close


Imported from Chrome

Do not show again

Would you like to set

as your homepage?


Under the hood

Mouse Gesture


Official website

Search other engines for 'flowers'

Action after closing current tab

Auto select

Activate left tab

Activate right tab

Activate last visited tab

Activate opener tab

When closing the last tab

Close browser window

Close browser window if the last tab is new tab

Keep browser window open and insert a new tab

When middle clicking on the tab bar

Do nothing

Restore the last closed tab

Pin/Unpin current tab

Copy URL of current tab to clipboard

Copy link text

Open frame in new tab

Open frame in new window

Clear browsing data on exit

Disable  WebRTC

Prevent my local IP addresses from leaking by WebRTC

Disable HTML5 canvas fingerprinting

Disable access of battery status

Enable access to audio devices

Enable access to video devices

Disable screenshots by extension API


Enable lazy session loading

Disables the use of experimental DirectWrite font rendering system for UI.

Delete from disk

Copy URL

Replace with current URL

Location bar

maximum number of address bar auto suggestion items


Use autoscrolling

Show fullscreen warning

Show icon only

Activate tab after mouse hovered for 200 milliseconds.

Show bookmarks when mouse hovered within 10 pixels from the left edge of browser window for 200 milliseconds..
    !!! Українська мова !!!

Кращий на цей період переклад на Українську мову!!!

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Спасибі, Viktor.
Оновив Українську мову!
Вельми вдячний. Smile
Молодці!  Smile
(09-27-2015, 05:05 PM)F777 Wrote: Молодці!  Smile

Будь ласка, хто що помітить в неточності перекладу пишіть, буду виправляти...

(09-27-2015, 11:52 AM)CentBrowser Wrote: Спасибі, Viktor.

Перезавантажте переклад, я його оновив.
Вже оновлений, спасибі.
There is a string not translated correctly.
"Background tab for new tab"
It means if the hyperlink is intended to be opened in a new tab, then the new tab should be a new background tab.If it is intended to be opened in current tab, then let it be in current tab.
Я знаю, вже виправив, скоро оновлю переклад.
Але бажано, покажіть відео приклад функції, не зовсім зрозуміло.
Пізніше оновлю Українську та Російську мову.
I know already corrected soon upgrade translation. 
But preferably, show a video example of a function is not clear. 
Later upgrade Ukrainian and Russian language.

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