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Translate English into Korean
There are new strings need translation, thank you and Happy New Year.
Content in [] is explanation, need no translation.

Search for logo[a button for searching new tab dial logo when there is no builtin one]

Go to previous page[Go to previous page in the forum page list]

Go to next page[Go to next page in the forum page list]

Force links to open in the background[when clicking a link, force it to be opened in background tab instead of foreground one]

XXX is already assigned to YYY[XXX and YYY are placeholder]

XXX is not a valid shortcut

Disable mouse gesture in these domains[disable mouse gesture for some special websites]

Go to the home page of the website[e.g.:For, it will go to]

Open the current URL in multilogin tab

Add to most popular[add URL of the current tab to the speed dial items(most popular) in the new tab page]

Send current URL via Email[send URL of the current tab via default Email application]

A file with the same name exists, would you like to overwrite it?

Download directory doesn't exist and can't be created.[the folder for saving download files doesn't exist]

Use multiple search engines in the address bar[display multiple search engine in the location bar suggestion list]

Search selected text in the current website

Exit the browser

When middle clicking on tab[an option to set the behavior of tab middle clicking]

Close  tab

Reload  tab

Unload  tab[discard tab]

Take screenshot[start screen capture]

Kill tab

Failed to create or write into target directory.

Focus the first text field[put the first <input type="text"> element into view port and set focus to it]

Show tab menu

XXX is already assigned to YYY. Are you sure you want to reassign?

Customize keyboard shortcuts for this browser

Are you sure you want to reset all keyboard shortcuts?


By clicking on "Accept and Install" you are agreeing to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

By clicking "Install" you understand and acknowledge that you are choosing to install CentBrowser on your system and you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Duplicate tab

Show bookmarks menu when the mouse hovers within 100 pixels from the left edge of the browser window for 1000 milliseconds, and close automatically when the mouse is out for 1000 milliseconds

Disable mouse gesture on this site

Enable mouse gesture on this site

Prompt me when browsing data is too large

Prompt me when browsing data is larger than 1000 MB

Download this video

Download completed

Show tab list button[the black triangle button at end of tab bar]

Toggle mute by clicking audio indicator button

Maximum bookmark button width(px):

Start finding with selected text on the page[whether to search the selected text directly when users press Ctrl+F]

Tab bar scroll speed

The cache size has reached 2048 MB. Clear now?

When clicking audio indicator button on the tab[the policy for clicking the sound icon on the tab]

Toggle site muting[toggle mute state for all tabs of the same website]

Toggle tab muting[toggle mute state for the clicked tab only]

Top sites[Collection of popular sites]

Image URL

Are you sure you want to reset all shortcuts?[Warning when resetting new tab items]

Refresh background image[Change the background image for another one]

Select a folder




Add to new tab shortcuts[Add the URL of tab to the new tab items]

Disable Bookmarks and History suggestions in the address bar[Remove Bookmarks and History items from address bar suggestion list]

Hotkeys[System level keyboard shortcuts]

Enable taking screenshot

Restart in safe mode[Shutdown the browser and start it again under safe mode]

Dark mode policy[title of dark mode option]

Open all bookmarks by middle-clicking the bookmarks folder[When middle-clicking any bookmarks folder, open all bookmarks inside it]

Hide the browser window and take screenshot

Import  passwords

Export  passwords

Insert new bookmarks at the top of the folder[New bookmarks appear at the top instead of at the bottom(by default)]

Open/Search in new foreground multilogin tab[Open a link or search selected text in multilogin tabs, these are Super Drag actions]

Open/Search in new background multilogin tab

Copy page as image[Copy entire web page as PNG image to the clipboard]

Copied to clipboard

New multilogin tab to the right[Open a multilogin tab at the right of the current tab, right clicking on the tab will show this menu]

Move current tab to new window[Move the current tab to a standalone browser window using drag or shortcut keys]

Go to download page[For example you downloaded a zip file from, then this will open]

Disable Bookmarks suggestions in the address bar[When you type in the address bar, don't give out any suggestions related to your Bookmarks]

Disable History suggestions in the address bar

Let the web page handle keyboard shortcuts on these domains[Keystrokes are always handled by the website itself, the browser window doesn't handle them]

Always open URL in the current tab if it is new tab[If the current tab is chrome://newtab/, always use the current tab to load URL, ignore all tab options]

Jump to the address bar[Focus the location bar, like what F6 does]

Global shortcut keys[System-wide shortcuts, for example: F1, WIN+R, Ctrl+Shift+Delete]

Enable shortcut for taking screenshot

Enable shortcut for hiding the browser window and taking screenshot

Please enter full path of the destination directory.[Needs absolute paths, relative paths are not allowed here]

Overwrite the existing file by default

Toggle  caret  browsing[Toggle what F7 does]

Open URL in new multilogin tab when the current tab is multilogin tab[If the current tab is multilogin tab, opened tabs will be always multilogin tabs, whatever they are opened from bookmarks, location bar, links, etc.]

Reload all unpacked extensions[A feature used for extension]

Show tab scrolling buttons

It is not allowed to download videos from this website

Downloading ...

Failed to download

Failed to download video clip

Converting ...

Failed to convert downloaded file

Failed to write file

Cancelling ...

Record this video

I am the owner/maintainer of this website

Skip and continue

separated by commas or spaces

Download  dialog[The following 11 items are the names of some UI components, just translate straightly]

Download  dialog - URL field

Download  dialog - file name field

Download  dialog - saved folder list

Video popup tool window

Download bubble dialog

Video download dialog

Show side panel button

Screenshot Button

Mute Toggle Button

Download  Button

Probing    [Note: detecting resources]

Failed to probe AAA    [Note: AAA is a placeholder, leave it as is]

Enable custom URL in incognito mode    [Note: this is an option for the new tab, chrome://settings/cbNewTab]

Clear browsing data automatically after closing multilogin tabs

Force links to open in the current tab    [Note: always navigate in the current tab when clicking on any hyperlink]

Copy selected text and current tab URL    [Note: "current tab URL" means the URL of the current tab]

Clear for multilogin tabs    [Note: this is a string in the "Clear browsing data"(Ctrl+Shift+Delete) dialog]

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