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Disable extensions update
Hi, I'm trying to find the best way to stick with one version of an extensions and disable all updates.

1 - I tried group policy, no effect and not useful with portable mode
2 - Access rights - disabling write in "User Data\Default\Extensions\{id}"

The first has no effect, but the second worked months.

The extension I focus here is "FVD Speed Dial" id "llaficoajjainaijghjlofdfmbjpebpa".
I love the extension, but the author did not learn after getting blocked by Mozilla.
Replacing my speed dials in new versions is simply going to far.

Any ideas to fully block update of this extension?
1. Search old version on
2. Right click on the download link, select "Save link as..."
3. Rename .crx to .zip
4. Extract to folder
5. Go to "chrome://extensions/". Select "load unpacked extension" and select that folder
That works, but it's not compatible with portable mode.
It seems to remember the full path of the unpacked folder.
If the drive letter changes the extension will not load.

Now it works with relative path in "User Data\Default\Preferences" and the extension unpacked under "User Data\Default\Extensions".

Thanks to olviifo.
There are other methods to do this:
1. Append --cb-disable-extensions-auto-update to "Other settings"->"Startup command line"
2. Remove the line containing "update_url" in "User Data\Default\Extensions\{id}\manifest.json"
Thanks CentBrowser that command line option does the job.

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