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Wildcard * for website domains
Can you add an ability to specify * wildcard (or even regex) for domains for the option?

Quote:Let the web page handle keyboard shortcuts on these domains (separated by commas, semicolons or spaces)

Personally I want to allow all websites handle hotkeys, so adding a toggle switch would be enough for me, but for others it might be helpful to have a wildcard for example to "guess" a missing part, for example google.* which will accept, etc.
This feature is not for general usage, but to avoid conflicts with some web games.
Additionally most shortcut keys are handled by web pages by default.
So there should not be many websites that need to use this feature.
Can you tell which shortcut keys caused conflicts on your side?
All gitbook and most docs websites have Ctrl+K shortcut for searching, but I have it for tab duplication.
Of course, I could have changed the shortcut, but I'm really got used to it and it's used in all tab-designed software (vscode, advanced explorer etc)

Until the las major update 5.0, it was a default behavior that all website that override the shortcut, get the priority, otherwise a default browser action is triggered.
Moreover, if I had to duplicate a tab that overrides the shortcut, I simply could press Alt once which unfocuses the page and then Ctrl+K worked as tab duplication.

Note that there are some other commonly used shortcuts by websites such as Ctrl+D, that's why I'm asking for a wildcard, since it's hard to write all of them manually each time.
OK, we will try to add support for wildcard.

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