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Netflix Streaming Error Code: "M1721-1331"
With the latest stable version of Centbrowser v5.0.1002.295, any streaming content in NETFLIX fails with the error code indicating:

Quote:"Whoops, Something Went Wrong… Unexpected Error
There was an Unexpected Error. Please Reload the Page and Try Again.
Error code: M7121-1331-P7"

Exactly illustrated as the screenshot below!

Having studied the issue all over the Internet, the error is commonly seen while using this service on a web browser that is not supportive of Netflix.
I am desperate to attempt any possible workarounds such as:

  • Launch safe mode
  • Re-install Cent Browser (the latest version)
  • Cleaning all cache and cookies on Centbrowser
  • Resetting Centbrowser configurations
  • Disable all browser extensions
  • Launch Netflix in Incognito mode (clean settings without extention)
  • Update Widevine Content Decryption Module*
  • Enable "Protected Content IDs" as default behaviour for all sites in Centbrowser settings# 
  • For other browsers (Edge/Chrome), NETFLIX streaming works flawlessly without error interuption

* Based on this article I followed solution #2 to update the said module which is v4.10.2557.0 (also confirmed in the file directory: AppData\Local\CentBrowser\User Data\WidevineCDm). Full permission for system access is also granted. Once pressed the "updated" button it flashes itself then again reverted as "Status - Component not updated".

# See another screenshot below for the preferred settings

Technical reference:

I believe the problem of the module causes a hindrance in the smooth streaming of Netflix HTML5 videos. Based on the updated CDM implementation timeline, the old CDM versions will be deprecated 
in Google by December 6 in 2022. At this moment I wonder if NETFLIX is no longer compatible to the latest version of Widevine module of the current build of Centbrowser. 


Does everyone with NETFLIX has the similar issue? Developers or administrators please verify the problem or I have to switch other browser for playback. 

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]

[Image: protected-content-id-settings.png]
Sorry but it is heard that Netflix requires Chromium core above 109.
You may use Chrome/Edge to stream Netflix before we upgrade.

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