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A Wikipedia Page Project
As I stated in an earlier post I went looking and the only Wiki thingy I could find was this:

But folks have to make a living and are busy and it is not easy to get such things like a Wkipedia page project done and then keep it updated and all manner of necessary tasks.

Now I seem to remember I have an account at Wikipedia for being able to write and edit and I am not sure what else, and it has been a long time; but it isn't so hard to create an account there. (Well, I don't think it was. Not so sure about now.)

But I sure couldn't do this myself. I'm in my 70s for starters, so can be careless at times, I'm in a third round of chemotherapy and I have to take so much medicine and maybe could rotate off life's active at just about anytime.

So I figure I'd need help.

Something about this browser pleases me and I think that advert idea, as I think I wrote about in that other post, is a good way to help out. And the other community member who first made a note about a Wikipedia page is right, [ ] it is a necessity before the next step of going to some of those hotshot big wheels in this tech world and asking for some advert space.

Might there be anyone interested in helping out?
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Thanks for your kind support.
We don't need to hurry for advertising.
The product itself still needs a lot of work.
For you the most important thing is taking care of your health.
Wish you get better and better!
It is very thoughtful to make note of my health issues, but being in my 70s I can assure you that I have much experience with how to keep my system going in a manner that still allows me time to engage in activities that might possibly be of benefit to others. In fact, I have very recently spent many hours over three days facing a city government to solve a safety issue, and that is a lot more stressful than this project.

And about this project, and as it also seems to be of a nature that is represented in my question in the other thread about the one-year period, what are the plans of yourself and/or your team with regards to this project; this browser?

As an individual that finds your browser to be a good product it can't be a surprise that I am wondering if I can inform colleagues and/or friends about the product and have confidence that if enough people show an interest in this product you and/or your team may feel energized to give this a go. I might very well know some people that would want to invest time and money to help with that --- "a lot of work".

Frankly, I don't really consider words of praise alone as being much in a way as a positive support. Action is what makes dreams come true. But the dream to succeed needs to be there first. Is your heart really into this project?

I mean, are you seriously wanting to get your browser out to more people? You aren't showing signs of giving up, are you?

And please forgive me for being so direct with my thoughts and questions, but I have many years of experience at many projects and some of a very complicated nature and so I tend to try and get to the heart of a given issue instead of tiptoeing down a path, whether it be a well paved path or a path with many obstacles. One of our team members a few days ago stated I did things like a bulldog, and he was exactly right. I'm sure no cute puppy. But one drawback is I am no diplomat. I have to leave that job to others.

So what can us customers think about our chances with this browser, if we want to help keep it alive and well for a long time? If we want to go the extra mile to help you and/or your team? Or am I being too direct and possibly impolite? I see a number of very positive posts throughout this online community and maybe there is something special possible here. But only if the dream is real!
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Glad to hear that you are doing well.
We didn't think about giving up this project.
You can introduce this browser to others without worries.
I like direct style, and welcome you to give any suggestion.
By the way, are you a programmer?
It is good to read that you and your team are still in the game, in a manner of wording it. I mean, I get the idea that at a certain age there is less time to do things other than simply work for another company so as to earn basic salary to pay for living expenses. That is one big reason a lot of good projects die on the vine, using another strange style of wording.

As for your question about programming, I have had the experience of spending ten minutes of writing a code and then spending another couple of hours trying to figure out why my code didn't work. I know about debugging, and know it is an art in itself, in one way to put it. But that was many years ago and my academic studies even further back were centered around aeronautical engineering before I had to go off to active duty and fly choppers, which derailed all plans I had in the field of aeronautics.

So to answer your question, I have no formal degree in writing code, but since those days many years ago I did study and write in some languages, but I would say that my skills no longer match the skills of many folks these days. That rather long answer more or less means I understand programming, have done some, but shouldn't be stating I am a professional in that skill set. In fact, I am fully aware of the very real problem that what was code valid ten years ago may no longer be code valid now, so that is why I should answer 'no' I am not a programmer.

My primary skills these days center around managerial skills. That would be where I would be of most benefit in this project. I can get things done. I can get humans to see the bigger picture and then go for what they might have thought wasn't possible. Or didn't even know was possible. I am good at troubleshooting. At thinking outside the box. I'm also a wordsmith and that is a skill which seems to be disappearing in the last few decades, but can be of great value in advertising.

On top of all that I'm an old man, and that is a skill which is a field not even recognized by any union, yet. You'd be surprised what old folks can teach younger folks. Especially an old man that has gone from about the IBM1620 to the present day Android - Iphone world of technology.

On the other hand, I do understand the value of debuggers, and there are now some excellent debuggers available to us. And that sort of qualified 'no' means that I might be familiar with something like marketing-qualified lead or MQL and so can make decisions based upon certain programs/codes.

And this answer is getting way too long. Sorry about that. But this is a communications platform, yes? And maybe we can draw in some others in this online community that can help in this endeavor. Sometimes long answers do have benefits. Of course, long answers are also easy to hide behind, making it harder to find sincerity.

By the way, you can see in your site control panel that I am using an older browser to access this online community and not your own browser. It is only a matter of convenience and not meant to signal distrust of your software. Just in case you wondered why. This browser you see I'm using is the default browser on this unit. I actually use five different units at a couple of work stations in about a 30km range of locations. I think all access to this site has so far been from only this work station. Not sure if you were wondering about that, but now you know; just in case.
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Thanks for the detailed and generous sharing.
Many users have multiple browsers in use, it is especially common in our users.
But for small brands, trust is indeed a problem.
Even myself would choose a popular brand over a small one in general.
Another problem is that we have no marketing channels.
Have you used any other small browsers besides us?
On that point about marketing, it is necessary to be able to inform people of what is being marketed and that is why the Wikipedia entry can be very important. Wikipedia is well known and if your entry in properly written, it can be quite useful for marketing purposes.
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I've recently been informed (by a source outside of this entity's management staff) there is a Wikipedia page for this organization on the French language Wikipedia site, fr.Wikipedia. Management here states that information was forgotten during earlier "discussion" of this topic, which accounts for the information not being posted earlier. And management here did not post the information after I confirmed the information, so I seem to be the one that needs to do so, for some odd reason. I'm just a stupid old man who seems to stumble into all sorts of ... Well, let's not finish that.
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(03-20-2023, 11:19 PM)Kleen Wrote: On that point about marketing, it is necessary to be able to inform people of what is being marketed and that is why the Wikipedia entry can be very important. Wikipedia is well known and if your entry in properly written, it can be quite useful for marketing purposes.
Absolutely, Wikipedia can be a powerful tool for marketing. A well-crafted entry can inform a wide audience and enhance credibility. It's essential for providing accurate information and building brand awareness effectively. Gb Whatsapp Download

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