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BETA version -- 5.0.1002.182
(08-11-2022, 03:18 AM)tamer Wrote: Happens when DirectWrite is disabled and GPU rasterization enabled.
You are right.
Now DisableDW is incompatible with GPU raterization.
(08-09-2022, 08:33 AM)Proton1983 Wrote: Tell me how to disable the notification

exit fullscreen mode press esc ?
Why do you want to hide it?
(08-11-2022, 03:09 PM)CentBrowser Wrote: It is a bug.
Are you using Windows 11?
Developers of the cent browser, please make a vertical tab like an edge browser.
Hello. Please reduce the spacing between bookmarks on the bookmarks bar
CentBrowser, why sites opened in incognito tab are registered in the history? Previously (in version) this was not the case.
About Spotify - Yes I did try this, I also try some portable versions, and problem is still present (only in CentBrowser)

New tab bug -  I think any extension that replace new tab page (When you open new multilogin tab, it trying to open extension, instead of using incognito NewTab page).

Always on top bug - Definitely not, not even close. Before that never happen, only after update to version 5. I still can't understand how that happening, hard to catch that.
I didn't believe my eyes that my favorite cent is back) please make the unpinned video window in the correct working condition...and another bug. sometimes leafing through the forum opens just a blank page.reloading helps. sorry for the translation)
Подскажите как это общедоступно ?    
The multilogin-tab (Ctrl+M) is enabling the extensions, but wasn't it supposed to be like that? It's a bug?

ps: the cache/login it's ok.

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