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BETA version -- 5.0.1002.182
(08-06-2022, 10:29 PM)Simorg13 Wrote: Thank you so much! I'm so happy!
Cent is the best browser. Lots of wonderful and useful functions and it works really fast.
Btw, a liitle bug. If options "Show avatar button" is disabled, then there is no pointer in incognito mode about being in this mode.
Edit: and may be it's worth to make incognito mode theme in some other color, cause it's the same as default dark theme, so there's no visual difference now, if using dark theme.
Thanks for your suggestion.
(08-06-2022, 10:49 PM)temp123312 Wrote: WOW!? We got un update! Thanks!!!! Finally.

I have problem with Spotify when I try to play some song in any playlist, it keep skipping songs, in other browsers everything is alright.
Please, fix this bug.
Have you tried safe mode in Alt+F menu?
(08-07-2022, 12:21 AM)temp123312 Wrote: Just noticed that this option is gone, please return it! I always use it

Beta 5 also has problem with "new multilogin tab" and homepage extensions, it trying to load my extension in incognito, but can't, and just broke it. (Even if you allow in incognito)
Which extension is broken in multilogin tab?
(08-07-2022, 10:26 AM)kuroneko Wrote: Thank you for the update! I'm very happy.
Can you remove the shadow of the tabs in the area circled in red in the image below?
This is used to remind users that there are tabs at the head and tail.
(08-07-2022, 12:30 PM)Spuner Wrote: Interface bug...


Not normal. There is no distance between the tab and the button to create a new tab as in the image above

Fix this, please.
Thanks for your feedback.
We will fix it in the next version.
(08-08-2022, 11:48 AM)LuckyJim Wrote: Thank you dev for your hard work in making the best browser ever!

Can we have an option to hide the "Share this page" button in the address bar, please?
For now there is no such option.
(08-08-2022, 12:46 PM)adrem85 Wrote: Куда пропала эта очень полезная опция и можно ли ее вернуть?

chrome://settings/cbTabOptions > "When middle clicking in the tab bar"
This feature was removed.
We will consider adding it back.
(08-09-2022, 01:31 PM)olviifo Wrote: Hi, right click to plus sign button open URL in clipboard in current tab instead of open new tab. How to change it? Thank you
This is a bug.
Need to restore the old behavior.
(08-10-2022, 03:07 AM)temp123312 Wrote: [BUG] Когда я пользуюсь браузером, в бете 5 непроизвольно включается режим поверх всех окон. Причины происходящего мне не понятны пока.
Maybe you pressed Ctrl+Shift+Y accidentally?
It is "Включить/Отключить поверх всех", listed in chrome://settings/cbManageShortcuts
(08-10-2022, 01:56 PM)tatagi1 Wrote: so glad cent browser is finally updating after a year and a half. kudos to developers not giving up!

btw, the builtin screenshot.exe would be much more useful if it supports scroll-down capture feature like microsoft edge has to offer.

it would make cent more convenient and powerful program which it already is!

hopefully it is implemented in the future release!
You can try our Alt+I shortcut key, or these extensions:

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