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How to get extension buttons back?
For a couple of extensions, I removed the toolbar icon - by right-clicking and choosing "Hide in Cent Browser menu". Now I can't see how to set it to show again. It isn't in the extension options.

I have tried restarting the browser, and disabling/enabling the individual extension. What now?

I'm brand new to Cent after researching as many browsers as I could (on my repaired, as-virgin laptop). Loving it so far. Why has no one heard of it?!
you can find hidden extensions by going over to the top-right "hamburger-menu" (or three-dotted) and clicking on it
you can find them all and you can drag and drop any you want to restore it on chrome menu next to it

cent browser is discussed in reddit (that's where I heard for it) and
it's quickly rising in alexa's rank,
that's a wrong impression you have in my opinion
Brilliant, thank you. I never would have noticed them sitting at the top of that menu. (Perhaps a tip needs to be added within the extension options page or at the moment of hiding the button...)

Maybe it's just me that hadn't heard of Cent! Smile I'm not on Reddit. I've avoided Chrome in the past so I haven't picked up this kind of thing there either.
Thanks to patrickdrd's answer!

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