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Translate English into Russian
(03-01-2023, 09:22 AM)QZMTCH Wrote: multilogin or multi-account is normal, but people will confuse the "stand-alone tab" or "autonomous" as suggested by dascratch with incognito, because we call all incognito tabs "autonomous"
Thanks for the explanation.
(02-27-2023, 06:49 PM)dascratch Wrote: Yes, I think it's much better for my language, because "login">"логин" is a borrowing word for my language.
I found another one place with this inaccuracy.
Открыть текущий адрес в мультилогинной вкладке >>
Открыть текущий адрес в автономной вкладке.
Thanks for your help.
But I decide to keep "мультилогинной" for now.
It may be ugly translation, but the word "multi-login" itself is a compound word and not elegant.
(02-27-2023, 05:16 PM)Proton1983 Wrote: Подскажите, как общедоступные  подсказки во вкладках и переводе chrome ?
Sorry but it can't be hidden in the current version.

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