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Cent Browser Windows) Released
(04-22-2016, 02:57 AM)jhnsmith08 Wrote: Actually I've not seen any other *free* product developers to cooperate to such an extent as centbrowser. Perhaps for this reason some of the folks took things for granted...

Let me tell you a story. I'm a developer from a third world country. When I started, I used to do small gigs from local clients. As a matter of fact most of them had no knowledge, no manners. They will pay you little but act as they are your master!! They will constantly change the initial specification and tell you to add feature midway. If you don't comply, you'll have a bad reputation in the market. Sometimes they don't even complete the payment. Very soon working for them becomes a nightmare...
I guess that kind of people...or worse...are found all over the world!

Anyways, it's just a random story. If you don't get the point, then just ignore it Smile

Instead of doing that rating thingy I think it is a lot better to quote and then write that it is a very good post/story. Actually, over my many years I have also lived in what used to be referred to as third-world nations, but are fast heading into the next level of nationhood.

But your story is very true in all nations and cultures. And is an excellent story to study and learn from.

Now I'll go back to studying this thread so I can learn who to trust in this community.

Oh, wait, I read some member here wrote something about all the details about bugs, etc., in releases being unnecessary, but I am going to offer that it might be good to rethink that idea. I think all the little details can be very useful for a new person like me to learn about this product from back a bit to now, and also to learn about the members of this community. That is a very long, 'I disagree'.

Actually, I have been noticing over the years that people seem to be getting shorter and shorter with what they write and we have a harder time understanding the human behind the words because of that. Everyone is in such a hurry.

Okay, now I'll go back to studying this thread.
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