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Freeze on start! - Avalon - 10-15-2022

I have been using Cent Browser for two years and I thought that in time an update will solve the problem. Only when I start the browser it freeze for 30-40 seconds and I can't do anything in this time, only to wait, after which everything goes ok. What can this lag be made of?

RE: Freeze on start! - Admini - 10-21-2022

How many extensions have you installed?
You may try disabling all extensions.
If it doesn't improve, you can try disabling hardware acceleration.

RE: Freeze on start! - rudolph - 10-26-2022

i recommend this extension

RE: Freeze on start! - Majixx - 11-22-2022

I had that problem, too,
I turned it off in the settings "Use hardware acceleration when available"
After turning off "Use hardware acceleration when available" everything works as it should

RE: Freeze on start! - Admini - 11-23-2022

@Majixx, thanks for your advice.