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RE: STABLE version -- - AnakhaSilver - 11-03-2019

Now having random CloudFront errors only on Cent.

RE: STABLE version -- - Shanti09 - 11-03-2019

(10-31-2019, 07:21 AM)AnakhaSilver Wrote: "..I have urged him for months to get help."

Help is great, any way, if you don't have similar work experience, which the developer has.

often, it’s easier to do the work alone, than to explain, what needs to be done. 
i believe, it's also touches the personal aspects of the person/developer. 

i'm such kind of person, i believe, no one know the best, what and how work should be done the best, as i see it.
that's why, i prefer to work alone. 

..and i believe, that's why, CentBrowser is the best chromium browser at this moment.
because the developer really wants to make a good browser, that's why we love him so much.
Cent is the best in many ways, because qualities of the developer is the best as well, in many ways, 

if we so much like and love this browser, in many respects, this is due to the zeal of the developer, his personal approach to his work.
let's be patient and respectful.

In life, each of us, in addition to work, has other things, that we live every day.

there are a lot of work, which is presented to us for free, and if ee would like to help and author say, no, thank you, 
perhaps, patience, respect and gratitude will be the best help. there are other things, which can be helpful, any way, this are on the first place.

are you noticed, that the developer of the CentBrowser always thanks the users for any suggestion, advice or even for pointing out any problems with the browser.
and tries to answer everyone, even in another language.

perhars help with forum will be the best as well, to help users to find answers on their questions, which are take time and energy from the developer.

in this regard, we can take an example from developer, and help people with their questions regarding the work of the browser.

RE: STABLE version -- - Дмитрий Сакович - 11-03-2019

(11-03-2019, 05:17 AM)AnakhaSilver Wrote: Now having random CloudFront errors only on Cent.
A new version of the browser is on the way, but for now you can try to change the user agent to a more recent one with the help of this extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/user-agent-switcher-and-m/bhchdcejhohfmigjafbampogmaanbfkg . And to acquaint us with the results of the experiment.

It is better to try to correct the situation than to whine from page to page.

RE: STABLE version -- - Joyoo - 11-03-2019

Need donate helping Cent Browser? I using now Kinza. Kinza good and always update. But Cent better browser.

RE: STABLE version -- - ttomomo - 11-04-2019

(11-03-2019, 11:26 AM)Joyoo Wrote: ... Kinza good and always update. But Cent better browser.
Agree. My overall ranking of chromium-based browsers: Cent is first, Kinza is second.

RE: STABLE version -- - JSSSX - 11-04-2019

(11-04-2019, 03:32 AM)ttomomo Wrote: Agree. My overall ranking of chromium-based browsers: Cent is first, Kinza is second.

Thanks for sharing about Kinza.

Is there a portable or standalone version ?

RE: STABLE version -- - Banjoboy - 11-04-2019

(10-29-2019, 03:35 PM)CentBrowser Wrote: No, we are not quitting.
Are you going to do the new release in November ?

RE: STABLE version -- - ololo777 - 11-04-2019

(11-04-2019, 01:46 PM)Banjoboy Wrote: Are you going to do the new release in November ?
yes, November of 2020 year!!!

RE: STABLE version -- - Yani84 - 11-04-2019

The problem with Kinza is that they don't have a portable version yet. Full portable version is one of my MUST right now.

Other things I love about Cent: multilogin/private tab (not window!), "copy link text" (you need an extension to get that on Chrome) and, although it might seem minor, the fact that we can make the tabs bar thinner via command line.

I haven't found any other chromium-based browser that has all that. Anyway, so far no site has given me any trouble because of Cent being outdated. But I do hope the project will continue and there will be an update soon!

RE: STABLE version -- - rch - 11-04-2019

Kinza is sort of halfway to being a viable Cent replacement, but it's not there yet.

It's sad really that us Cent users are almost having to resort to begging the devs for an update at this point. Sad