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Extensions Button - Question
I am still using an old version of Cent Browser- (from 2020-04-23) because in the latest version of Cent Browser- I cannot find a way to disable/hide the extensions button in the title bar, I find it nauseating and unbearable. In Vivaldi this nuisance can be hidden.

I would like to ask- is there a way to disable/hide the extensions button in the tool bar in the latest version of Cent Browser?

If this abominable button cannot be disabled/hidden unfortunately I will have to switch to Vivaldi after using Cent Browser from version

I will be grateful if someone can answer my question.

Extensions ToolBar Menu → Disabled


works now, but does not mean it will forever (depends on Google's choice and/or Centbrowser developers if too hard to keep this flag alive)

ps : BTW, aren't you a little bit overreacting Rolleyes ? You can pin all your extensions if you really want to Wink
(I know everybody has its own point of view, and I don't want to try to alter yours or convince you're wrong, but we are talking about a 16x16 icon in the corner of the browser...not really a big deal)
Sadly this flag is removed in Chromium 90.

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